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Upptäckten (Discovery)

The storyteller:
Othman originates from the Syrian Arab Republic and moved two years ago to Sweden.

A story about my own journey to discover how I could understand the Swedish language and what I learned from that. Everyday I go to language learning classes, but the language is so difficult to learn, and the teacher talks so fast with so many words. So I discovered how to use google translate to understand what the teacher said. But one day I was revealed and understood that I was as clever as a computer, so today I am working hard to manage my studies, using my brain.

My Love for Arts and Nature

The storyteller:
Zhara emigrated from Afghanistan to Austria where she has arrived three months ago. That’s why she decided to tell her story in English.

As an Afghan it was a very difficult time growing up and trying to study Arts in Afghanistan. I found a way around it and got needed skills for making decor items, accessories and bridal clothing. Luckily I have moved to Austria and the future looks very bright.

How I got my name

The storyteller:
Aida is from Albania. She came to Greece when she was fifteen years old, studied in high school and then went to a vocational school to become a hairdresser.
Aida got married very young at her seventeen and has two grown up children.
She is now living for 21 years in Greece

Aida tells a story about her name, because she is very proud of it.
Her name was given to her because in Albania during that time she could not be baptized and get her Christian name that was Charitini after her grandmother.
When she came to Greece and still until now as soon as she is asked her name, the first question is where are you from? so from the beginning she says my name is Aida and I am from Albania.
When Aida came to Greece, she was amazed by the lights on the streets and the houses and the cars on the roads. She did not know a lot about Greece because was prohibited by the system in Albania then to talk about Greece or any other country.

Life Lesson, from Yemen to Austria

The storyteller:
Gewahar moved only six months ago from Yemen to Austria. She wants to share her story with you, but feels more comfortable to tell it in English.

After getting a scholarship to do my masters in the University in Innsbruck Austria, the next few months struggling to get a visa and journeying to Austria was a whole new experience for me. Some things were foreseen but others came unexpected.

My First Swimming Experience

The storyteller:
Noor is coming from Iraq and now living for 10 years in Austria.

At the age of 5 many years ago, I was excited to learn how to swim. On this sunny Friday afternoon, my family and I set off for the swimming pool close to the house. My mum had earlier registered me for the swimming course and I had the most beautiful swim suit on. At the pool I felt special and couldn’t wait to get inside. After a small pep talk from my brother we entered the water and guess what happened? The rest is history…

A Talented Boy

The storyteller:
Mamadou has grown up in Guinea and is now living in Italy.

Omar, a young boy from Guinea Conakry, is dreaming of becoming a singer and a traveller. After the death of his father, he couldn’t stay anymore and decided to escape from his country. He went on a difficult journey and travelled for more than two years.
Now, at the age of 15, he has eventually arrived in Italy and started a new life in Palermo. He is studying and hast started to play theatre and music. His role model in his life is Thomas Sankara.
He wants to spread a message to all African young people migrating to Europe: Have patience and hope. Tomorrow will be a better day!

And the winners are …

From the 18 submitted stories the jury nominated two winners whose stories stood out from the other very good stories – one in the category “fiction” and one in the category “non-fiction”:
Prudence from Nigeria has won in the category “fictional stories” with her story “The Arrogant Princess” – a story about a princess who learnd the hard way that life is not a picnic.
Mamadou from Guinea has won in the category “true stories” with his story “A talented boy”. His story is about a young boy who travelled alone from Africa to Europe to live his dream to become an artist and musician.
You can listen to both stories in our story collection.
The other stories will also be published in our story collection.