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Education and Integration

The interviewee:
Enock, a man from Zimbabwe, has emigrated one year ago to Germany.

“Education makes you strong”. With this sentence Enock begins his report about his observations and his own experiences how important it is to learn German respectively the language of the host country. He wants to engage other migrants and refugees to learn the language of the host countries. Furthermore he wants to create native speakers’ awareness for language difficulties of the migrants.

Alleine lernen

The interviewee:
A young woman from Sudan who is living for two years in Germany.

The interview was part of a radio show workshop in Göttingen. The young woman reports how she has managed to learn German by her own in 7 months, because she couldn’t attend a German language course. A great story about what you can reach if you really want to.

LISTEN in Göttingen

During the last week of June, BUPNET and blinc helped a group of migrants to create their own radio show. The radio show was created in cooperation with VHS Göttingen and StadtRadio Göttingen.

The participants were German language learners who have left their countries of origin for different reasons. To combine these two aspects, they have chosen the topic “Flucht und Bildung” (“flight and education”) for their radio show. During the week they learnt some storytelling methods, and developed the interviews, reports and music they wanted to share during the show.

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The LISTEN Radio Show

During our Innsbruck course we got the chance to make a radio show dedicated to our LISTEN project and moderated by all LISTEN partners on FREIRAD – Freies Radio Innsbruck: one hour of interviews, stories and music, moderated by Ovagem Agaidyan from Verein Multikulturell – Tyrolean Integration Centre (Austria) on Wednesday, 23/01/2018.
Listen to the show here.