The Story Museum in Oxford, UK

The LISTEN collection of (life) stories is based on the stories that were developed and told during the piloting projects carried out in all partner countries.

After the training course in Innsbruck in January 2017, all participants (trainers) applied their new storytelling competences and embedded applied storytelling activities in their training offers. The participants were encouraged to tell their stories (fictional or real) and to record them. With their permission their stories became part of the growing collection of stories that is published here on our website.

In addtion, the stories that were submitted for the European LISTEN award are published in the collection.

Furthermore, we have not only told stories in the LISTEN project, but also did interviews. Although interviews are not stories, they support intercultural understanding and build brigdes between people. So, we decided to publish them too.

You can find all kind of stories and interviews in our collection. If you use the following tags, it will be easier for you to filter the information.

  • language of story: German, English, Italian, Greek or Swedish
  • gender of the author: man or woman
  • kind of file: an interview, (a told) story or a written story
  • if a story is told: real story or fictional story

Feel free to browse in our collection, to click on stories and listen to them.