Do you represent a European organisation that promotes commitment in working with refugees and providing space for their (life) stories?

Let your stakeholders know about it and use the LISTEN label!


What is the LISTEN label?

LISTEN seeks to give refugees or migrants a voice by using stories as a means of promoting an intercultural dialogue and a way of integrating them in the community. The LISTEN project aims at introducing storytelling approaches and techniques to a radio environment as a binding factor which brings social and personal benefits for refugees and migrants.

Storytelling can help to build a bridge between refugees and the community. Storytelling can be also a window into the culture from which refugees come, can help the society to think differently, be more sensitive, comprehensive and empathic to the culture from where refugees come.

The LISTEN label is a European quality label that provides a clear signal that your organisation has given space to refugees to tell, and maybe broadcast, their stories.

It shows your commitment in working with refugees and providing space for their stories.

Five good reasons to get the LISTEN Label:

  • Recognising organisations that give refugees a voice and employ storytelling approaches;
  • A great way to show other people of your community what your organisation’s values are;
  • Get in touch with new European organisations working with refugees and migrants;
  • Promote a positive image of integration;
  • Enrich your competences!

 How to get the LISTEN label?

The LISTEN Label shall be awarded to those organisations that can demonstrate they meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Learning about and applying storytelling approaches and radio broadcasting to give refugees and migrants a voice;
  • Reflecting and maybe validating the learning outcomes of these activities (e.g. by means of the LEVEL5 system which is specifically designed to assess personal, social and organisational competence developments in rather non- and informal learning settings).

The LISTEN Label will be awarded through a validated self-assessment process in which organisations present a clear case for how they meet these criteria.

Please use the submission form to apply for the LISTEN label.