Resources (EN)

The web is full of resources about storytelling  – with stories, experiences of storytellers, methodology handbooks and videos how to use storytelling in different domains, and of course an infinite number of stories.  Here we want to share some useful resources with you that we have found on the web. And hopefully this will inspire you to give storytelling a try yourself.

The Power of Storytelling  – insights from research

What is storytelling ? by Mike Lockett (2016)
The Power of Storytelling told by Ian McKellen (Video, 3:56)
Firelight talk, a scientific article by Polly P. Wiessner about the storytelling culture in Southern Africa

Learning to Tell

Storytelling Starter Kit  of the the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling:  Overview and resources for beginners on different apsects of Storytelling.
Basic manual for Storytelling
Tim Sheppard’s Storytelling Resources for Storytellers
Kurt Vonnegut’s theory of ‘story shapes’ (Video, 4:36)

Stories on the Web

Folktales and Fables. Curriculum Guide, by Mike Peterson and Jennifer Hind with additional material by Lisa Sax.
Bedtime Stories: Read the best bedtime stories and free short stories for kids.
A Collection of Concise Folktale Plots by Heather Forest

Storytelling Methods for Education and Inclusion

Sheherazade Manual: 1001 Stories for Adult Learning
StoryRegions Manual: Storytelling for  community building and inclusion, available in EN, IT, PL, NL and DE.
Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas: Educational website, designed for teachers, librarians, and students.
Website dealing with Narrative and Stories in Adult Teaching and Learning.
Website offering a collection of silent books in English.