Target Groups

Main target group

LISTEN addresses professionals and volunteers such as training providers, trainers, multipliers, social workers, organisations, foundations and associations, dealing with refugees or migrants. The project wants to spread a sustainable education storytelling approach for teachers, trainers and multipliers, based on transferable didactic concepts and methods for refugees, as a way of their integration into the society. The large professional category of training providers will be invited to join the project activities and to develop new professional competences and skills or expand the existing ones, in terms of tailored training methodologies for refugees.


Final beneficiaries

At the end the LISTEN project will especially benefit with refugees or migrants. What all those people have in common is that they left their countries under pressure and are trying to build a new life in the receiving societies. This project includes new arrivals as well as migrants who have been living in the host countries for years, but were not fully integrated yet. Because of this they have fewer opportunities to articulate themselves and have only little chance in being heard or listened to. The LISTEN project wants to help with the complex and gradual integration process by proposing a methodology on how to communicate in the new societies.