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The storyteller:
E. is a woman coming from Azerbaijan and living for 6 years in Germany. She doesn’t want to have her name published, but nevertheless wish to share her story.

It is shown in the tale, that the words which live in Writing country want to choose their own king. They assert sometimes Point, sometimes Exclamation, sometimes Question, sometimes Comma as a candidate. But this punctuation marks, that each one of them express different regime, are criticized, rejected and deficiencies oft them are displayed.


The storyteller:
Bebe is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She came with her husband in Greece fifteen years ago.
She is a very active person in the Panafrican Womens Association and in their church. She is very proud of her origin and dresses only with her country’s fashion clothes.
Many women stop her on the street or wherever she goes to ask her why she is wearing her head-wrap (Dhuku). Bebe answers that it is a communal identity and signifies resistance and she is resisting to change her clothes and her identity.

Her story is not actually a story but is a pray in Lingala, her mother tongue.

Blu come il mare a 500 miglia

The storyteller:
Katleen is Colombian and moved first to Spain and later to Italy. She has been living for six months in Italy.

It is a story that shows that even in simple things you can find something to tell. It was just a day while a girl was waiting for her boyfriend, and a whole story came. There are the elements of reality like the blue dress, the waiting girl and the late guy, (in the story I decided to give a more decisive ending, he does not come), all this to show that you can tell a story of everything, that sometimes we also become the story.

The Arrogant Princess

The storyteller:
Prudence originates from Nigeria and has lived for five years in Austria.

In a Kingdom somewhere in the western part of Africa lived a king who planned to marry out his daughter to any man of her choice. The arrogant princess was too proud and saw nothing good in all her suitors until she learnt her lesson the hard way.

And the winners are …

From the 18 submitted stories the jury nominated two winners whose stories stood out from the other very good stories – one in the category “fiction” and one in the category “non-fiction”:
Prudence from Nigeria has won in the category “fictional stories” with her story “The Arrogant Princess” – a story about a princess who learnd the hard way that life is not a picnic.
Mamadou from Guinea has won in the category “true stories” with his story “A talented boy”. His story is about a young boy who travelled alone from Africa to Europe to live his dream to become an artist and musician.
You can listen to both stories in our story collection.
The other stories will also be published in our story collection.