BLINC stands for Blinded Learning Institution Cooperative.

In 2005 BLINC was founded in Göttingen, Germany, as a start-up network based on former EU-funded LIFE and eLearning projects in the health, social and environmental sector.

In 2017 it has more than 30 organisations and individuals from 22 European countries. BLINC is an exchange instrument for educationalists and researchers and offers a platform for: exchange of knowledge and experiences and the evaluation, dissemination, marketing and distribution of services and products (Valorisation and Networking).

The cooperative is made up of experts from various sectors and will work in the following project sectors:

  • Development of training concepts, courses and dissemination materials
  • Networking
  • Organisational Development
  • Evaluation of information and training offers

Since 2005 the BLINC EG has been collaborating as partner organisation in six European funded projects.

Since December 2007 BLINC EG has been appointed by its members to foster the valorisation of products and approach developed in the project ACT! to validate informal learning.

In 2010 REVEAL – the Research and Evaluation Group for Validation, Evidencing and Assessing of Informal and Non-formal Learning was founded as a sub-section of the BLINC to provide an expert pool for the evaluation and validation along the LEVEL5 system.