When does the submission period start?

You can upload your story from 15.06.2018 onwards.

When does the submission period end?

All submissions must be received by September 16th, 2018.

How do you submit?

Please use the submission sheet on our website. A preview sheet is available here.

Who can participate in the LISTEN Award?

The competition is targeted to all refugees and migrants as well as trainers/multipliers and volunteers working with refugees and migrants.

What do you have to prepare for taking part in the LISTEN Award?

Please prepare the following materials:

  • A recorded story as audio file (allowed formats are mp3, ogg, aac)
  • A written English summary (3 to 5 sentences) of your story to be filled in the submission sheet

What format does your story have?

We collect all kind of non-fictional and fictional stories that meet the following criteria:

  • Duration: 2 to 5 minutes
  • Languages: English, German, Swedish, Greek, Italian, French
  • Recorded story (audio file in mp3, ogg or aac)

Feel free to add sound or music to your story – this is not mandatory and will not give extra points but might make your story more vivid.

In what languages can you tell your story?

You can tell your story in German, Greek, English, French, Italian or Swedish.

What kind of stories can you tell?

You can tell any kind of stories as long as they have relevance to the topic of the LISTEN project.

Your story can be a memory or experience you want to share as well as a fairy-tale or a legend (from your home country). The story can also be your (life) story or an invented one.

What further information do we ask from you?

In the submission sheet we ask for a very short profile and a written summary of your story, in order to have a little context to your story.

What conditions do you accept by submitting a project?

By submitting a project, you accept that LISTEN is entitled to publish the submitted projects on the internet or in other media also in modified form, and that your data can be electronically processed and published.

Sound sources can be used if it is made by your own, if the author has given his/her explicit consent, or if they are freely accessible sources such as on soundcloud.

All submissions must be in line with European copyright laws. Short quotes may be used if the source is clearly listed.

Your submissions shall contain no statements, facts, information or quotes which are hurtful to or disparaging of individuals or groups. Your submissions shall contain no statements, facts, information or quotes on the basis of which people can be persecuted due to the colour of their skin, their opinions, nationality, gender, profession or conviction. Your submissions shall not encourage others to commit crimes or violate laws.

What can you win at the LISTEN competition?

The jury will nominate two winners – one for the fictional and one for the non-fictional stories.
You can win precious prizes such as smartphone or headphones.

The prize cannot be redeemed in cash.

With your permission your story will become part of our LISTEN collection of (life) stories.

Who determines the winners?

Your story will be evaluated by an independent jury according to the following criteria. Your story:

  • has a story structure (with beginning, middle/climax, end)
  • contains a message
  • creates a bond with the listener
  • has relevance with the LISTEN context

The jury determines two winners – one for each category.

No appeal is admissible against the jury’s decision.

How do you know you’ve won?

We will get in touch with you in mid September 2018.

Who or what is LISTEN?

LISTEN stands for Learning from Intercultural Storytelling and is a 2-year project (01-12-2016 – 30-11-2018) funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme. The LISTEN consortium aims to develop innovative tools for applied storytelling in order to empower refugees and migrants by giving them a voice. By recording, collecting and broadcasting stories of refugees and migrants the LISTEN project aims to integrate them in their receiving countries and to build intercultural bridges.

Who are the organisers of the competition?

The LISTEN award is organised by the project partnership LISTEN consisting of:

  • BUPNET GmbH, Germany
  • blinc eG, Germany
  • Verein Multikulturell, Austria
  • Active Citizens Partnership, Greece
  • Communtiy Action Dacorum, United Kindom
  • CESIE, Italy
  • Skellefteå kommun, Sweden