BUPNET GmbH, founded in 1985, is an adult education provider accredited by the TÜV CERT according to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 9004:2009. BUPNET has a strong multi-disciplinary team which develops and implements innovative training and consultancy projects locally, nationally and across Europe. The mission is the promotion of innovation in education and training.

BUPNET has carried out a series of AE and VET trainings for VET training staff (e.g. in several GRU courses for AE professionals in different learning topics such as blended learning didactics, course organisation and networking). It works both in the vocational training and in the (informal) adult learning sector and is an expert organisation especially at the interface between both educational fields covered by the LLP (GRU and LdV).

Furthermore BUPNET is one of the core members of REVEAL, the European research and practice network owning the validation system LEVEL5, so it can provide the consortium with the know-how in applying the LEVEL5 system to the validation of reached storytelling competences.

BUPNET is located in Göttingen, Germany and is the coordinator of the LISTEN project.