The LISTEN project invites you to take part in the


A competition that aims to promote intercultural storytelling with refugees and migrants.

In the framework of the LISTEN project we are looking for stories – fictional or real ones – told by refugees and migrants. The story can be a memory, a self-created story, a fairytale, legend or myth.

The idea of LISTEN is that stories can build bridges between refugees and migrants and their receiving societies. These stories give migrants and refugees a voice and raise the awareness for their perspectives, wishes, visions, challenges and problems.

By using intercultural storytelling the LISTEN project aims to support the integration of refugees and migrants in their receiving societies.

Who can participate?

The competition is targeted to all refugees and migrants as well as trainers/multipliers and volunteers working with refugees and migrants

How to participate?

You can enter the competition with a story that is your story or an invented one. It can be a memory that you want to share, a fairytale, a legend from your home country … any story that you are ready to share and to record.

It needs only five steps to participate:

  • Read all information on the website and the FAQs.
  • Fill in the form (you can get a preview of the submission sheet here).
  • Upload your story.
  • Submit.
  • Maybe win?

When can you start submitting your story

You can upload your story from 15.06.2018 onwards.

When is the closing date?

Please submit your story by September 16th, 2018.

Which stories can be submitted?

We collect all kind of non-fictional and fictional stories that meet the following criteria:

  • Duration: 2 to 5 minutes
  • Languages: German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Swedish
  • Recorded story (audio file: mp3, ogg, aac)

Feel free to add sound or music to your story – this is not mandatory and will not give extra points but might make your story more vivid.

And the award goes to…

Your story will be evaluated by an independent jury according to the following criteria. Your story:

  • has a story structure (with beginning, middle/climax, end)
  • contains a message
  • creates a bond with the listener
  • has relevance with the LISTEN context

What can you win?

The jury will nominate two winners – one for the fictional and one for the non-fictional stories.
You can win precious prizes such as smartphone or headphones.

With your permission your story will become part of our LISTEN collection of (life) stories.

We are looking forward to your stories and wish you the best of luck!

Your LISTEN Team