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My First Swimming Experience

The author:
Noor is coming rfom Iraq and now living for 10 years in Austria.

At the age of 5 many years ago, I was excited to learn how to swim. On this sunny Friday afternoon, my family and I set off for the swimming pool close to the house. My mum had earlier registered me for the swimming course and I had the most beautiful swim suit on. At the pool I felt special and couldn’t wait to get inside. After a small pep talk from my brother we entered the water and guess what happened? The rest is history…

A Talented Boy

The Author:
Mamadou has grown up in Guinea and is now living in Italy.

Omar, a young boy from Guinea Conakry, is dreaming of becoming a singer and a traveller. After the death of his father, he couldn’t stay anymore and decided to escape from his country. He went on a difficult journey and travelled for more than two years.
Now, at the age of 15, he has eventually arrived in Italy and started a new life in Palermo. He is studying and hast started to play theatre and music. His role model in his life is Thomas Sankara.
He wants to spread a message to all African young people migrating to Europe: Have patience and hope. Tomorrow will be a better day!

The Arrogant Princess

The author:
Prudence originates from Nigeria and has lived for five years in Austria.

In a Kingdom somewhere in the western part of Africa lived a king who planned to marry out his daughter to any man of her choice. The arrogant princess was too proud and saw nothing good in all her suitors until she learnt her lesson the hard way.

Festival in Palermo

The LISTEN Festival of Social and Labour inclusion of Migrants and Refugees was a great event organised by our Italian partner CESIE in the premises of the social enterprise and coworking space “Molti Volti”. It was a wonderful conclusion to our project! The highlights were the workshops and the award ceremony – the two winners of the LISTEN award were celebrated. Continue reading Festival in Palermo

LISTEN in Palermo

The Italian partner CESIE has done a storytelling event connected to LISTEN in Palermo. They aimed to foster the integration of migrants by using storytelling.

In a workshop the participants learnt how to structure stories, how to create atmosphere and, of course, how to tell them. The workshop was in Italian, so participants automatically used and learnt the Italian language. The storytelling workshop was a great success. Some of the participants decided to tell their publically, others to write them down.

Pictures, reports and stories of the Palermitan event you can get here.

The Power of Storytelling

During our project and work with storytelling we are finding permantly information about the power of storytelling. A very beautiful video with the famous actor Ian McKellen as storyteller we want to share with you:


But not also actors and storytellers know about the power of storytelling. It is also a topic for scientific researches. An scientific article about her results studying the storytelling culture in Southern Africa you can find here.

LISTEN in Göttingen

During the last week of June, BUPNET and blinc helped a group of migrants to create their own radio show. The radio show was created in cooperation with VHS Göttingen and StadtRadio Göttingen.

The participants were German language learners who have left their countries of origin for different reasons. To combine these two aspects, they have chosen the topic “Flucht und Bildung” (“flight and education”) for their radio show. During the week they learnt some storytelling methods, and developed the interviews, reports and music they wanted to share during the show.

Continue reading LISTEN in Göttingen

Kick-Off Meeting

On February 27th and 28th 2017, representatives of all seven European partners met in Göttingen, Germany for the Kick-Off Meeting. It was an occasion to get to know each other, since  we would be working together in this constellation.

We started the meeting with sharing our expectations for the LISTEN project. We held discussions and decided that our final beneficiaries should not only be refugees, but also migrants who lived for months or years in their host countries, but don’t dare or have the opportunity to speak the language. Continue reading Kick-Off Meeting