How I got my name

The storyteller:
Aida is from Albania. She came to Greece when she was fifteen years old, studied in high school and then went to a vocational school to become a hairdresser.
Aida got married very young at her seventeen and has two grown up children.
She is now living for 21 years in Greece

Aida tells a story about her name, because she is very proud of it.
Her name was given to her because in Albania during that time she could not be baptized and get her Christian name that was Charitini after her grandmother.
When she came to Greece and still until now as soon as she is asked her name, the first question is where are you from? so from the beginning she says my name is Aida and I am from Albania.
When Aida came to Greece, she was amazed by the lights on the streets and the houses and the cars on the roads. She did not know a lot about Greece because was prohibited by the system in Albania then to talk about Greece or any other country.