Kick-Off Meeting

On February 27th and 28th 2017, representatives of all seven European partners met in Göttingen, Germany for the Kick-Off Meeting. It was an occasion to get to know each other, since  we would be working together in this constellation.

We started the meeting with sharing our expectations for the LISTEN project. We held discussions and decided that our final beneficiaries should not only be refugees, but also migrants who lived for months or years in their host countries, but don’t dare or have the opportunity to speak the language.

Keeping the  final target group in mind, LISTEN aims to develop storytelling methods that trainers and multipliers can use in their training courses to encourage these refugees and migrants.

Later on, we discussed and assigned to each partner a leading role for a special part of the LISTEN project.  Other project tasks were planned, for instance,  setting up this homepage, creating information material or researching about storytelling as a learning approach in adult education.


We had a great working atmosphere, and a time to interact with each other, especially during lunch breaks and dinner. Even the German winter weather was kind with us for the most part of the meeting. Thanks to the good weather we went sight-seeing  Göttingen the first evening of the meeting.

We are looking forward to a successful  LISTEN project!