Course in Innsbruck

The LISTEN training course  will be held from January 22nd till 26th at the premises of the Verein Multikulturell in Innsbruck, Austria.

The LISTEN training course will be held with 20 trainers, counsellours and social workers from UK, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Germany, who work with refugees and other people who were forced to leave their countries and to migrate to Europe, and who are interested in storytelling and broadcasting techniques.

The five-day course covers four topics that make up the LISTEN approach:

  1. Intercultural, ethical and psycho-social basics for working with refugees; for example how to deal with language barriers, gender roles, different educational backgrounds and traumatisation, but also how to create preconditions in a group to open up to exchange stories with each other.
  2. Storytelling methods to empower refugees: After a brief theoretical introduction to the forms and potentials of storytelling we will dive into the practical application of various storytelling methods (e.g. biographical, for language learning, stories for reflection), to be used in different social and learning contexts. This also incudes finding stories and presenting stories.
  3. How to make radio with refugees: The LISTEN consortium considers radio as an important and fruitful medium to support the integration of refugees by offering a platform to share stories. Trainers will learn how to make use of this medium with their learners, in regard to technical skills but also how to conceptualise such approaches.
  4. Competence development and learning through storytelling and creating radio programmes. We will introduce the LEVEL5 approach that supports structured reflection on individual competence developments gained in non-formal and informal learning contexts (like LISTEN) and how to apply this method with refugees to help them become aware of their competences and to evidence this development.

The last day is dedicated to collaboratively develop ideas how to implement the LISTEN approach into the own working environment.